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Daffodil History Trail

Combining nature with history in North Stonehouse.

Inner City Seeds is a different type of Community Garden group, providing people with various opportunities to participate and interact with our community. We’ve been based in North Stonehouse since 2020 offering community members of all ages a chance to take part in sustainable gardening, garden education, and other special events.

Last year with volunteers from Inner City Seeds and Victoria Park Community Project we planted over 900 daffodil bulbs across six historical locations in North Stonehouse.

This project aimed to create opportunities to be active in nature, learn new skills, meet others in the community and to provide ways in which to learn about the amazing history we have on our doorstep!

To make this project possible we used part of the grant awarded to us from the Stronger North Stonehouse initiative who are - providing groups in the area small grants which enable residents to take local action by organising their own activities and projects to enhance life in North Stonehouse.

Want to walk the trail?

You can view an online version of the Daffodil History Trail and download our map to print below:

Daffodil History Trail: Welcome
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Daffodil History Trail: Partners & Sponsors
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